Welcome, my name is Khaleel. I have had many diverse experiences over the years, however my interests primarily reside in Oceanography/Ocean Mapping, Computer Science and Data Science. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and while I spend a great amount of time pursuing my personal passions, I am always interested in new opportunities.

A passion for learning is a characteristic which has stood by me throughout my life. I am an explorer in many senses and interested in a diverse range of topics. I recognize I am the architect of my life and therefore I possess passion and drive towards achieving my goals and maintaining growth. I seek to better the lives of those around me and I always surround myself with those which I can learn from.

Growth and drive

I have always had a passion for pursuing the things which I value – even if this means I do not work a conventional 9-5. Success is not something that is given, you need to work hard for it.


Like many things in life, without striking a balance things can tend to get out of control. Like success, balance requires hard work but once achieved it is very rewarding. Work Hard, Play Hard.


The world is in a constant state of change. That is a fact of life. The successful ones are the ones to embrace and create change. If you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done.


I’ve always worked hard for what I have and I am fortunate enough that I am able to better myself. I recognize that not everyone is as fortunate to have these opportunities, so I always try to give a helping hand to others the best I can.

Technical Skills

Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching
Combining passions for Computer Science and Geography

My drive for entrepreneurship has led to the development of several diversified technical and non-technical skills over the years.

In my coding career, I primarily focus on backend web development using the Django framework but I am familiar with several front end technologies such as Ajax, javascript, Jquery, JSON etc.

I have utilized several different image interpretation software such as geomatica, Ecognition and ArcGIS and also combined these technologies with data collected from GPS and LIDAR systems.

In addition to my technical skills, I am a well-rounded individual who understands business theories and has personally applied them. I lead my own team of highly dedicated individuals and help them achieve their goals while they help me achieve mine. I possess excellent communication, leadership and confidence. I pride myself in my ability to make friends easily.

  • Django Web Framework


  • Python


  • Javascript, C++, Wordpress, HTML, SQL


  • Geomatica, eCognition, ENVI, ArcGIS


Work Experience

Hard Work and Dedication
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Intel (McAfee)

Junior Software Developer (May2015-May2016)
•Created automation scripts in Python •Utilized full stack development to create web applications •Optimized and added new features to existing Django system •Developed clean and efficient code
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Owner and Director
•Applied soft. dev skills to automate several business functions • Utilized technical knowledge to develop efficient systems • Learned to think outside of the box to solve problems • Employed many business skills including organization, efficiency etc.
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Eco-Tech Recycling

Accounts Manager
Sept2011-Jan2012 (coop)
• Established start-up image to the community through marketing campaigns • Worked in a team to plan and co-ordinate community events • Established a long term business strategy to manage business growth based on future projections
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City of Kitchener

• Actively taught infants-adults how to swim • Ran CPR and First Aid Classes • Conducted proper maintenance of the pool and surrounding wet areas • Provided private and group lessons to patrons


University of New Brunswick, Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Masters, 2017-Present
University of Waterloo, Honours Geomatics Coop Major, Computer Science Minor, 2009-2014

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